Effortless Growth,

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We help businesses selling to small and medium-sized businesses, whose growth potential is limited by existing payment options, continually grow their business by providing frictionless B2B growth payments technology

Buy Now Pay Later Built for B2B

You get paid now. Your customers pay later.

Merchants get paid risk-free within 48 hours, buyers can extend payments up to 12 months.

Improve Sales in an instant.

Credit Key merchants have witnessed up to 10x increase in Average Order Value (AOV) and 250% increase in conversions.

Fast launch. Faster Results.

Pre-approve your current customers and integrate flexible financing into any point-of-sale offering.

Trusted by Top Brands

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Optimized Checkout

Your B2B customer sees Credit Key as a payment option at point-of-purchase.


Instant Credit Decision

Businesses complete an application in a couple minutes, and receive an instant credit decision.


Flexible Payments

Your customer selects the payment plan they prefer, from 30 days to 12 months.

Smooth Integrations

B2B Payments Buyer’s Guide

An in-depth analysis of B2B payments and top payment categories. Helping businesses understand their differences and assess which option is best for their organization and customers.

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