More Revenue, Less Risk

Credit Key is a simple and transparent pay-over-time product for B2B e-commerce checkout.

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No more chasing invoices.

Get paid. Now.

Get paid immediately instead of waiting for customers to pay with trade credit.

You don't have to be a bank.

Credit Key factors all invoices, and assumes all risk.

Boost your revenue.

Credit Key's payment flexibility results in more orders and larger transactions.

Credit Key means business.

In a recent survey of B2B e-Commerce customers, flexible payment options topped the list of desired features. B2C sites have shown dramatic increases in both order amounts and order volume by offering in-cart pay-over-time options.

Credit Key's proprietary B2B underwriting process allows us to uniquely identify and immediately score businesses, extending deeper credit to your customers in real-time, right at checkout.

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Supported E-Commerce Platforms

The future of business credit.

  • Get paid upon order completion
  • Instant credit approval in checkout
  • Net terms without the overhead
  • Rapid integration with B2B e-commerce

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