Customer experience is everything

This is especially true when it comes to e-commerce checkout. You spent a lot of money getting them to the site, and now it’s the moment of truth: Can your customers pay quickly and easily for what they need?  

How Credit Key Works

  1. Your B2B customer sees Credit Key as a payment option at e-commerce checkout.
  2. They select Credit Key, and in just a few steps, they receive real-time approval.
  3. They select the payment plan that fits them best.
  4. You process their order, Credit Key settles the full amount with you, and your customer pays Credit Key over time.

Credit Key is transforming B2B financing.

Credit Key delivers superior credit to your customers, in seconds, right at checkout.

More conversions, higher AOV

Giving your customers more purchasing power is the single best thing you can do to boost revenue.

Simple integration

With modular, lightweight integration and end-to-end support, Credit Key makes integration easy.

Improved profit/margins

No risk, no servicing, and immediate cashflow. Credit Key lets you focus on your business.

Learn how Credit Key can transform your business.

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Why Merchants Love Credit Key

“We have hundreds of thousands of SMB customers and this is a massive opportunity.  They’re going to love the flexibility.”
“Offering Credit Key as an alternative financing option for our customers helps us to deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service.”
“My customers can get real-time financing with better and more cost-effective terms than credit cards. This not only saves them money in the long run, it allows them to focus more on running their businesses and less on worrying about financing.”