Yet another threat from Amazon Business - better payment/financing terms

Friday, October 11, 2019

This post is for any company who is worried about the impact that Amazon Business will have on their business.  

Amazon Business does well over $1B year and is growing 20% per month!  

Now as of May 2nd, Amazon now offers flexible financing/payment terms to business customers at no risk or cost to the sellers on Amazon.  

For any company that is thinking about how to deal with the threat of Amazon's superior selection, pricing and shipping now have one more major thing to worry about - better payment/financing terms. 

To be honest, it's great that Amazon is validating exactly what we've been saying all along, that "buyers want more flexible payment options" - which is exactly what Credit Key provides.

However, unlike Amazon, we're not a threat.

In fact, you can get Credit Key up and running as a payment option on your site in less than 2 weeks and offer your customers:

- Real-time approvals for lines of credit

- 30/60/90/120 day payment terms

- At no risk to you

- You get paid in 48 hours

The way we see it, Credit Key is the only flexible financing solution you can offer your customers today to compete against yet another threat to your business from Amazon.

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